Josh Hou

accordion, keyboards, composer


Josh Hou is an accordionist, keyboardist, and composer based in Seattle, Washington. He can be found singing and playing various kinds of music in a variety of venues in the greater Seattle area. His projects include: instrumental Chinese jazz, How Short - a swing band with vocal harmonies, Tiny Funk Band, and Jazztalk Seattle - a Seattle area jazz podcast.


Josh Hou Trio

Chinese flavored instrumental jazz with a rotating cast of Seattle musicians

How Short

Happy swing with sweet harmonies with Andy Short (guitar/vocals) and Josh Hou (accordion/vocals)

Jazztalk Seattle Podcast

Max Holmberg (drums, percussion) and Josh Hou (accordion, keyboards) talk about jazz: records they're listening to, music they're working on, and stuff to check out in Seattle.



Have questions about recording, taking a lesson or booking a show? Send me an email at You can also follow me on instagram and youtube to keep up with new music coming out!